The Kama Sutra and Other Sacred

The Kama Sutra and Other Sacred

The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian text on human sexuality, produced circa 400 AD by Mallanaga Vatsyayana.   The title roughly translates as “treatise on sexual pleasure.”  It is not as blatantly sexual as some believe, but it does deserve its reputation as one of the foremost texts on sexuality ever written.   It proscribes not only behavior related to sex, but includes concepts such as manners, conduct and arts that a cultured, refined individual was expected to practice.   It is one of three primary “sacred texts” of sexuality from ancient times, but it is by far the best known, even if frequently misunderstood.

Unlike many other cultures, the ancient Hindu culture believed sexual pleasure was one of life’s highest callings; in fact, it was one of the three main purposes of life:  religious piety (dharma), material success (artha), and sexual pleasure (kama).   The Kama Sutra was designed to help people enjoy their kama on a much deeper level – deeper than just the physical pleasure derived from intercourse.

It is important to note that many people confuse the Sutra and the concept of Tantric sex.  Tantric sexual techniques existed at the time it was written, but were not codified until many years after the Sutra was published (Vatsyayana in fact kept the Tantras secret as required by custom at the time).   Many people are surprised to find that there are no Tantric or spiritual concepts contained with the Kama Sutra itself.  The Sutra delves into the mental and emotional aspects of sexuality, but only from a worldly point of view.

The Kama Sutra was written with the purpose of ensuring that lovers knew that sexuality began long before you get to the bedroom – in the realm of the senses and the imagination.   Sexuality is far more than just a collection of sexual positions or specific techniques, but includes things like sensuality, attitude, mystery, etc., and true sexuality was a concept that occupied a span of time rather than individual instances or encounters.   This perspective can serve as a valuable model, even today, for lovers who wish to ensure their sexuality exists across as wide a spectrum as possible.

While the Sutra does focus on the needs of the female much more than many modernists, it should be noted that Vatsyayana had a very limited understanding of female sexuality.   For example, he suggested that males learn to control their ejaculatory inevitability during intercourse until the female achieves climax, regardless of how long that takes.   This implies that he was not aware of the fact that many women cannot orgasm from penetrative sex alone; still, he did spend some time explaining the benefits of oral sex.

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Genf20 Plus Reviews – My Updated Review (2nd Update)


Genf20 Plus Reviews – My Updated Review (2nd Update)


Genf20 Plus Reviews #1 -Does it Actually Work?


genf20 plus pills


Note: This is just  a review if you want to visit the Official site of Genf20 plus Click Here


Let’s start this first example of the many-to-come Genf20 Plus Reviews with some background info on the product:
Genf20 plus is a modern hgh releaser that is  a good supplement to take that is if you are trying to take your aging and slow it down and I can tell you that this is a good product to be taking as in recent decades only the injections were available and it was only available for the elite and rich people of the world.


Genf20 Plus is an all natural supplement that will stimulate the pituitrary gland for HGH production.  I am sure that you want to restore your youth and energy levels to optimum levels.  That is what this all natural product can do for you.


Frankly, as many both scientific-evidence- and experience-backed Genf20 Plus Reviews will tell you, genf20 plus is the closet thing to the modern fountain of youth without breaking the bank or having to worry about any dangerous side effects that come from taking Genf20 Plus.


Why Take Genf20 Plus?


As modern technologies have advanced it is coming widely more available and hgh releasers are now more affordable to the general population of the world. Scientist have proven that taking this supplement that you are going to dramatically slow down aging and bring it to a grinding halt.  Genf20 plus is the best hgh supplement on the market and for good reason.

Here are the proven benefits scientists discovered in many Genf20 plus reviews & trials:

Diminished wrinkles, crows feet, laugh lines,
and age spots
Skin that looks and feels firmer and smoother
Increased physical stamina
Weight loss with decreased body fat
Increased lean muscle
Strengthened nails
Restored hair condition and color
A faster metabolism


Stronger bones and increased bone density
Greater memory and focus
Reinvigorated sex drive and performance
Better mood and mental sharpness
Lowered cholesterol
Better sleep
Clearer, healthier vision
A strengthened immune system
Increased results from exercise


Genf20 plus works and I am only touching the surface of all the wonderful benefits of taking this supplement called GenF 20 Plus.  You can can be sure after taking genf20 that you are going to notice a major difference.  If you need more information on genf20 plus keep reading.
Your body already has the hgh in your body but it depletes as you get older and this causes the much dreaded aging process. Good thing for this as it is that genf20 plus is going  to kick start your pituitary gland into producing more of the natural hgh that is already in your body naturally.  Genf20 Plus can help.


The great thing about this product is that there are no side effects on this and no medical reactions are to worry about it. Instead of injecting this you will be taking a pill and a homeopathic spray to get all the product that you need to start enjoying the fountain of youth today with genf20plus.


A lot of people are into taking care of their bodies and  genf20 plus is a real good way to do this as most people are not even aware of the amazing supplements.  I can tell you that from a personal experience that I was a little hesitant to take this and I am very happy that I did take this.   In my twenties I was in to the club scene and I wanted to do a complete preservation of my body from here on out.  At 30 I drew a line in the sand and said that I am getting older and it is now time to take really good care of my body for the rest of my entire life.  genf20 has helped a lot.  If you need to read more on my genf20 plus review go here.


I  am a personal chef and I know a lot about nutrition, exercise, and supplements.  Remember taking genf20 plus is just like anything in life you need to do this consistently for at least 6 months to get the full benefits of Genf20 plus as this is going to build up a reserve of hgh in your body and you can enjoy the benefits of this product for up to one year before you need to take more of  genf20 plus.


Do genf20 plus reviews & tests show the product to be safe?


As hundreds of happy customers will tell you in their raving Genf20 Plus Reviews, Choosing Genf20 Plus to renew your health and vigor is a very safe and sound decision. Steve Lam, MD., the inventor of genf20, is preceeded by his great reputation in all medical circles.  He offers genf20 plus, the number 1 hgh product, simply because it is the safest and most reliable.  The product is manufactured in GMP certified laboratories.  Which is a pharmaceutical laboratory that is of the highest standard.  Ask your doctor if you have any concerns about taking genf20 plus.

I thought HGH injections were the only way?


In the eighties and nineties the injection was the main way to get this hgh into your body.  With advances in modern technology, many genf20 plus reviews (or more precisely, investigations into the way hgh works inside your cells) have pointed out the fact that hgh can just as easily be given in tablets and stimulate the pituitary gland to be able to produce and secret more hgh into your system just as easily.


It is basically secreting this like it did when you were in your 20′s.  Genf20 Plus has advanced & the highest quality formula available today.  Genf20 plus makes this form of supplement ready to the general public.


It was when I quit the party scene that I had to find the best anti-aging product on the market and that is when I discovered Genf20 Plus – by reading through countless Genf20 Plus Reviews, which is time consuming and something I gladly want to spare you from.  I can tell you for a fact that between  my regimen of diet, exercise, and taking this hgh releaser that I look and feel amazing.  I almost feel like I am in high school again minus the partying as I am all about taking care of the body.  As the body is your temple. I really like positive Genf20 plus reviews, cause all of them are.


100% GuaranteedClick Here To Get The Best Price On GenF20 Plus  Today – As Genf20 Plus Reviews Show, You Can’t Go Wrong!!


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Genf20 Plus

Genf20 Plus

I am here to let you know that there is a product that is out on the market that is called Genf20 Plus.  This is an all natural human growth hormone releaser that can help you with your aging problems.  There is a lot of information that is talking about hgh and it is not really true.

The good thing about this product is that it actually works as I have used it before and I can tell you that this is going to help you in so many ways.  I am sure that this is sounding too good to be true but it isn’t.  I am letting you know that medicine and scientific discovery has really advanced in the last decade.  There has been a lot of improvement in HGH in the last decade.

I can tell you that 10 years ago the only way that you would of been able to take this stuff is either an injection or you would have had to be really rich.  The great news with this stuff is that you are not going to need a prescription and it is safe to take as it is all natural.

I am going to go over some of the benefits that you can gain by taking this product:

-Better Energy

-Improved Libido

-Look Younger

-Feel Younger

-Depression Lifted

-Stronger Bones and much more

Genf20 Plus has been great for me as I am already healthy and take good care of my body but I was looking for an edge that can take my health to a new level and this was the perfect combination between my already healthy diet and exercise.  The thing is with such a supplement is that you are going to have to take it for at least 6 months to a year.  Especially if you are over 40 as your body has to build a reserve of hgh in your body.

Genf20 Plus conclusion

I am letting you know that there is a lot of stuff out there that is out on the market and I am letting you know that the majority of this stuff doesn’t work.  Trust me I have tried it.  The thing is with such a product is that you are going to want to be taking this for a while to make sure that you are liking taking this product as this is not for everyone.  Some people are not going to take Genf20 Plus daily because they are not disciplined enough.

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Anti Aging Supplements

Anti Aging Supplements

Anti Aging Supplements-What you Must Need to Know First!

anti aging supplements are a good thing that you can be taking as far as getting your health in optimal health.

There are a lot of products out on the market and I am here to tell you that there is one particular product that I have been using for some time and I have seen real good results with it and it is called Genf20 Plus.  This is a modern HGH releaser and it is an all natural hgh pill.  HGH pills are an excellent source of an anti aging supplements but you need to know which brand to take and I am informing you on this.

You can also get an anti aging spray when you get this too.  It is really important that if you decide to be taking this is that you are taking the hgh on a regular basis as that is how you are going to get the best results from this and I can tell you that you are going to be getting some amazing results from taking this and here are some of the best and amazing benefits that you can be seen by taking and anti aging supplement such as genf20 plus.

-Increased Energy
-Better Libido
-Better skin tone
-Overall outlook on life is improved
-Depression is curbed
-Weight loss increased..easier to burn fat

anti aging supplements continued…

as you can see that there are a lot of benefits that can be had by taking a modern anti aging supplement.  If you are already taking care of your health and you are looking for a way to have more energy and feel even better then you are right now then I can tell you that if you are to start taking Genf20 plus then you are going to be on the most modern fountain of youth that can help you to feel young again.  Anti aging supplements really can change your whole life in a matter of weeks!

genf20I am sure that you are not aware that it is now 2011 and there are so many products out there and choices that your head will spin. I can tell you that the Genf20 plus is one of the best anti aging supplements that has come around in a long time.  You see in the eighties and the nineties the only way for you to get hgh was if you were a celebrity or if you had a ton of money.  Now thanks to all the modern technology and science advancements that there are now quality anti aging supplements available If you are wanting more information on genf20 plus then you can read about it here.

This concludes my informative post on the best anti aging supplements.

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HGH good for anti – aging?

HGH good for anti – aging?


genf20 plus pillsI am here to tell you that there is a way that you can slow the aging process and I am here to tell you that there are plastic surgery options available but the average person is not going to want to spend that much money on a procedure unless they have a ton of disposible income.


There is another way that you can help to reverse the signs of time and the product is called genf20 plus.  This is a modern HGH product that is safe and all natural.  This is got to be the safest and most affordable HGH that you can be able to buy.  I can tell you that if you are at all serious about your aging then I am here to tell you that the Genf20Plus is a great option.


Back in the day the only option to get HGH into your body was to be filthy rich or to get an injection into your body.  Most people even back then weren’t even able to consider the option of a modern HGH releaser such as Genf20 Plus.  I am sure that you are reading this that you are going to want a  lot more information on this and I am here to tell you that I have designed this site so that you can get all the information on HGH that you need and then some.


I hope that this has helped you with all your HGH concerns and to let you know that Genf20 Plus is an excellent option if you are serious about your health and would like to slow the aging process dramatically.

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Genf20 Plus a scam-Find Out Here

Genf20 Plus a scam-Find Out Here

I am here to tell you all the information that you need to know on Genf20 Plus and if it is a scam. I can tell you that there are a lot of products out there that can help as far as anti aging and I am sure if you are reading this then you are wondering if this is a legit product or not.

I am here to tell you that the main ingredient in Genf20 plus is all natural and stimulates the pituitary gland to release the human growth hormone which is the hormone in your body that is going to slow the aging process.

I have to be honest with you that there are a lot of sites that will like to overhyp the product and tell you a bunch of things that simply aren’t true.

I am here to tell you that the Genf20 Plus is not a scam and I am going to go over the benefits that can help you out.

Ok here are some of the benefits that you are going to get from taking Genf20 Plus:

-you are going to have more energy

-Increased Libido

-Memory improved

-Overall well being

and much , much more. I can tell you that I am very passionate about anti-aging and that I am a personal chef here in Sunny San Diego, California.

Food and health are my passion in life. I can tell you that if you still need more information feel free to read any of the other informative articles on Genf20 Plus.

And for the record Genf20 Plus scam is not true. I have used Genf20 Plus and it worked great for me and people are always telling me on how young I look.

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HGH treament


HGH Human Growth Hormone is an amino acid that is produced in the body and it has many functions. It has a lot to do with why we age. I am here to let you know that once you hit the age of 25 you are losing more hgh each and every year. Once this happens you are going to have a bunch of age related problems.

Back in the day the only way that you are able to get HGh is through an expensive injection and this method costs thousands of dollars and this is not a safe way that you are to get HGH.  The only product on the market that is safe and it has no side effects is a product that I have been taking for quite some time and I have noticed great results with it and it is called Genf20 Plus. It comes in 2 delivery methods.  The first method is a pill and the second method is a spray that can help get even more HGh into your system.  This is the way that I have been getting HGh into my system and that is the best way that I recommend that you are getting HGH into your system as well.

Luckilly there is a product that is on the market that can help you with your aging and it is called Genf20 Plus. It will help you to slow the aging process and to make you feel at a younger age.

This is a product that is going to help you to produce more HGH. HGH is released through the pititary gland and this product Genf20 Plus is going to help to release more HGH into your system.

Here are some of the great benefits that you are going to notice by taking a quality HGH product such as Genf20 Plus:

-More Energy
-rapid Weight loss or less fat
-More youthful looking
-Better outlook on life
-Depression is curbed
-Better Sex Drive
-Stronger Bones
and more

You are going to get a lot of added benefits by taking HGH. Keep in mind that you are going to keep a healthy lifestyle in order to gain maximum benefit from such a supplement. This is got to be the closest product that you can get to a modern fountain of youth and I am here to help you get all the latest information on the most modern HGH releaser.

Genf20 Plus

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Genf20 plus review: Top 7 benefits

Genf20 Plus review-Read this before you purchase.

genf20 plus review

You must have heard about the product Genf20 plus review, but let me tell you why you should go for it.  There are a lot of genf20 plus reviews that are full of wrong information.  This is a legit genf20 plus review.

There are several reasons for all the changes that occur inside the body once we cross the middle age. One main reason behind the drastic change is the reduced levels of the human growth hormone. Your body’s ability to secrete this hormone declines drastically when mother-nature gets ready to snatch the beauty of youth.  Keep reading my genf20 plus review.

You can read  my updated genf20 plus review here.

result of this particular change in your body:GenF20 Plus Product Picture

  • You will first observe wrinkles on your skin
  • Your strong muscles go loose and your bones become weak
  • The energy levels are reduced and you tend to feel tired quite fast
  • Your immunity  is reduced and you catch fevers soon
  • Your performance in the bed suffers

keep reading Genf20 plus review ..we have lost all the beauty that can be experienced in the human life. Not a nice thing to happen! At least that was what I thought and set out to search for a solution.  Gen F20 plus review is based on my usage and has helped me.

When I looked around, I saw a lot of so-called anti aging products that were ready to loot me of my fortunes but I decided to stay away from that trap. I clearly knew that they can’t even remove a single wrinkle from my forehead. When I thought of trying several synthetic injections, I discovered that they are dangerous to health and also not allowed by the law of the land. So what else? Then I came across GenF20 plus. The first I want you to know about my  genf20 plus review is that it’s  100% safe to start off with, as it contains all natural ingredients.  I have wrote the best genf20 plus review.

It fit my budget well as it is not too costly. It has all positive genf20 plus reviews. My entire research on the product increased my confidence and I tried it out. Within weeks, I could feel healthy and energized. After a particular period of time, my overall confidence levels were boosted as I could feel much younger than my age and could lead a happy life.

Highlights of my genf20 plus review:

  1. Skin looks firm without wrinkles.
  2. Bones are strengthened
  3. Memory power is improved
  4. Sexual desire gets enhanced
  5. Insomnia gets cured
  6. Energy levels get a boost
  7. Metabolism speeds up

There are a lot of advantages if you start an exercise routine and a balanced diet along with this natural supplement. It is high time you challenge your age with the help of  my genf20 plus review and fight with all the changes that age has brought in your body.  I hope my genf20 plus review has helped.

Click Here to Get The Best Price on Genf20 Plus  Today!

This concludes my Genf20 plus review .



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